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$700 shipped or best offer

Koni Shocks and B&G springs band new in the box... I can take a picture when I get home later today. The springs lower the car 1.4 inches in the rear and 1.5 inches in the front.

I bought these about a year ago and never had the time to put them on... now my car is dying and I need the cash to fix/replace the car.

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my bad sorry guys its B+G springs... they are good springs, I bought all of this from Jason on the fourm about a year ago... I dont know about any warranty information I am going to contact him and see if he can transfer the warranty, I'm sure he can.

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B+G Springs: Drawing on over 150 years of spring design and manufacturing expertise, B&G S2 Sport Springs are engineered to improve handling while maintaining safety and ride quality. By redesigning the O.E. Spring and lowering the center of gravity from 1-2.5 inches (depending on vehicle and application) our technicians dramatically improved your vehicle's performance and appearance. Incorporating a progressive rate design allow B+G springs to offer higher spring rates for improved road hold, while maintaining a comfortable ride for daily driving.

lowering applications from 1 to 2.5 inches
progressive spring rate design to maintain ride quality while
improving road feel and handling
cold wound from high tensile chromium silicone wire
individually super blocked and computer tested againist tight tolerances
ISO9002, QS14001 and TUV Certified

The springs retail for about $267 shipped
the front and rear konis retail for $260 each... so thats a total of around $800 shipped... who ever gets this gets $100 off and free shipping... not too bad of a deal.
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