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I have a carbon fiber hood and have had no luck mounting sprayer nozzles for the windshield fluid. As from what i hear, no one else has had any luck her either. I live in New England and need them. So the other day i saw a 1990 Plymouth Sundance that had clip on nozzles that go on the wiper arms. So i went to a junkyard that had one of those cars and bought the nozzles for $5. Went to a pet store and bought 8ft of filter hose and a 3 way connector from there to. Hooked it all up and it works perfect, i am soo happy w/this. Just mess around w/how to mount the filter hose (use zip ties) and you'll be alset. And it looks professional. Hope this helps out some peeps.

These nozzles from a chrysler dealership are $21 each just incase you wanna know. Later Nate
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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