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Since some people are so lazy, and won't search I picked a couple of threads about the turbo, supercharger and NSX motor swaps.

PLEASE read these instead of starting new threads about them. If you do a search for turbo or supercharger, there are 53 threads, or 3 pages of info on it. Revive one that is intelligent and go from there if you must, or if you really have something legit, then have PROOF.

If you read some of these threads, many folks come on here and say, Hey, ABC Acme Turbo says they can do a G2 kit for only 4,450.00! Bull Butter! Look how many times it comes up with NO end result. This is why we are locking, merging or deleting [flammatory ones]. It eats up bandwidth. If you haven't noticed, Matt is in a bind due to him being a college student and fees skyrocketing due to excess bandwidth. So we have to either donate or try to appreciate what we are doing here [should be both].

If you look at the trend, you will see what happens to F.I. threads. They are either all talk, all nonsense or flammatory. So if you have a problem with one of us moderators, please take it to PM.

NO MORE nasty feedback threads in this section. It is here for Performance modifications...not headgaskets, not "I hate you for closing my turbo thread", Performance!

This is not us trying to be dicks, but us trying to keep down clutter and make this site affordable and fun. Please, for once in your lives, do as I do. Use search. If the answer cannot be found, please say so in your post, and maybe we can help you. That is what we are here to do.

There are soooo many repetitive threads about tires sizes, wheel offsets, suspension. You know, I put a lot of time into looking up this stuff and making an FAQ, and it still gets asked....not NEW questions, same old stuff!

HELP save the forum, and use the search function and REVIVE old threads vs starting the pandemonium all over again.

Thank you. I am sorry so long, but I have had it with all the bickering. Let's be peaceful and productive. IF you have a turbo or s/c that will it and prove it. Talk is talks and you know what walks.

Below are some Turbo and S/C threads that you can use if necessary for reference.

All of them

"Can a G2 bw turbo'd?" ptI thread

"Can a G2 be turbo'd?" ptII thread

"My shop does turbos" thread

This one is informative:

"I can make a turbo thread"

NSX thread

Supercharger Thread

TJ Miles' Supercharged Legend Coupe
Put your money where your mouth is :)
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lol *** thats hilarious
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