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Located in the Atlanta, GA metro.

I am selling my metallic green 1995 Legend L Sedan.
No modification, all stock OEM
Miles: 102K
OEM alarm
Tan leather
Clean Title

Replaced in the last 2 months:
1) Head gasket (OEM parts)
1) Replaced all head gasket parts, vavle seals, injector seal, crank seals, etc.
2) Thermostat (OEM)
3) Radiator (after market)
4) Heater hoses
5) Radiator hoses
6) Timing belt, tensioner, water pump replaced 10/05 (OEM parts)
7) New tires
8) Stock Bose is dying, just having had time to replace it

I am a mechanic so I keep the car in excellent shape. I will include a repair CD with the purchase. FELL FREE TO TAKE IT TO A SHOP TO BE TESTED.. I want a Legend enthusiast(sp) to buy it and take care of it. I will place it in the classifies soon.

I love the Legend, but it is eating too much of my free time (maintenance). Commute 25 miles to work every day w/premium is too much. I plan to buy a Civic.

----------Asking price is $6000----------------------
Contact: [email protected]

I will post picture for anyone interested.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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