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:mad: :confused:
Ok so I have checked out the fuel pump, and disconected it and moved it around some.To my surprise, the car starts now without blowing the fuel pump fuse.So maybe the wires in the fuel pump connection were for some reason causing a short or something??
Who knows.
But now I seem to have a different problem(bad luck lately!!)Once I start the car, I cannot engage into any gear, another words, as I step on the brake ,I do not hear the clicking sound that enables you to shift from park to "D" The only way I can shift is If I stick something in the "shift release" hole.
So whats going on??:confused: Is this another electrical problem or is my tranny screwed up??Please tell me its not the tranny!!:( :eek:
Help techies!!!
1991 Legend(giving me some problems, but still love this car!!)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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