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frame inside headlight.. what is it?

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i noticed there is a box like frame inside the headlights that seems to form a box around the bulb.. cant really see through the lens too good but it apears to have some screws to remove it.. what is it for? could removing it improve your projection? i heard once that the usdm version had the beam modified. could this be what does that?
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i guess no one has any imput on this. if anyone wants to try it or has a extra headlight laying around you can test it on it would be very interesting!

just slide the clips that hold on the lens to the side and the'll come off easily, then there is a frame infront of the bulb that has 2 phillips head screws holding it on. you can see it through the lens if you look right, its nasty grey color and doesnt offer any reflection of light unlike most cars with them

i really want to know what the projection would be like but i dont have the time or patience to pull my headlight out to get to those bottom lens clips
It's there to prevent the bulb from projecting a large halo, which looks strange and decreases brightness i think. Keep it in there i have one removed and it looks really funny on a garage door when i pull up
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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