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DO any of you knopw about those FREE HP gain...Those might be some of ur secrets by-passing the EGR value...the throttle body cooling, more coolant than water in the radiator, all synthetic fluids...Please someone let me know if you have done these and how...I dont want to try and mess something up...In three weeks I plan on a 14.9 or 15.0 these little hints can only help. P.S. someone please respond to the CAT

(more horsepower thread)

Is it possible to open up the stock CAT or jamm a pipe into the stock cat so It looks like it's stock and there still is a CAT but the air only really runs right through the CAT. Don't worry there are no emissions in FL

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No there won't be any power gains from EGR removal. In fact EGR helps to lower combustion temperature and possiblity of knock(detonation). And since EGR does NOT come into play at WOT, it's not in your way while you're flooring it. However on certain cars damaged EGR diaphram is a source of vaccum leak and could affect engine performance.

Actually too much coolant is a bad thing; water absorbs heat better than the coolant itself unless you're running Evans; the green/orange stuff is there to prevent freezing of the liquid at cold climates and raises the boiling temperature so it doesn't bubble inside the cooling system. Also, a cold engine is not necessary a good thing since every engine is designed to run at its best at a certain temperature. A CAI is however a good thing is you can fab one up.

Porting your intake manifold is your closest thing to a free mod if you can do it yourself. I believe NickD has hit high 14s with this mod along with a custom rebuilt tranny.
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