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Mr. Couper
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Blah...You inspired me to go after a style that's TOTALLY against the grain for me...I just wanted to try my hand at Studio Gangster :lol:[/QUOTE]

Honestly, I don't know why it's so easy for me to spit that dumb gangster shit. Anybody that has read all my rhymes know that I'm just having fun, but if somebody just read one or two (shit, I have over a hundred), they may think that I wanna be...GANGSTA! And I hate "gangsta"-the death of hiphop.

Comon dawg, it's just civilized music
I use it, like toothpicks
Get down right between the acoustics
I stole, I ran, I boosted
hopped in the ACK and cruised it
You knew it, sometimes I do shit
Quit my job, again, man, I blew it
Wayne is a goblin, but I'm ghoulish
So many guns, they call me tool-ish
Guitar Hero, glad they improved it
red and blue keys together is cruelish
green and orange, too-ish
Hard to do when you so new-ish
Raining Blood, now is almost do-ish
I'm going to "Hard" tomorrow around noon-ish
Next week "Expert"...I'm so foolish!!!

I'van der Rohe
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Honestly, I don't know why it's so easy for me to spit that dumb gangster shit. Anybody that has read all my rhymes know that I'm just having fun, but if somebody just read one or two (shit, I have over a hundred), they may think that I wanna be...GANGSTA! And I hate "gangsta"-the death of hiphop.
I meant way back in the thread Earlier...when we were having fun :lol: Your lines are mad slippery:lol:

I'm still the vespa :rofl:

Mr. Couper
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Imaginary Player:

You said a lot of shit
A lot of muthafukin shit
Left the boy, still talking shit
I admit, the boy wasn't right
prepared for fight or flight
So you unboarded UNITED
transfered to a Single engine plane
dropped my last name, only aim
jump your ass back in the game
9 months later your life is insane
Damn!!!Worse off now- than ever
Take you back...Never!
Can't forget being locked in Pretrial detention
Seeing shit, I don't care to mention
Funds were low then, nobody listens
So, I just scribbled down my mission
Did my hustling from out my garage and kitchen
Sold my black ack, another and another...flipped shit
Holding a stack that'll pay daycare for the year
Got all my shit caught up that was in arrears
And babygirl, you are my history
but your current day is misery

Thought I'd fucking fall, fail, and drop
Bitch, I'm a muthafuckin hustler
Keep dough, cause I keep customers
October 10th, I must've did 10
New bitch, new ride, new grin, new friends
Hit the gym
Yeah, bitch I got my swag back.
I made you my wife, You made yourself trife
I'm laughing now, I told you
"Karma comes around" boo!
Watch your careful.


Mr. Couper
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Step back, give me a lil space, yeah right cheere
Allow me to speak my words into the atmosphere
So my thoughts can appear, yeah right here
Never said I was rappin, just key tappin my life
Read my shit, who gives a shit, still I must write
I melted my days within pages and pages
50 years later my shit is relevant, timeless, ageless
Like A *****, I'm fadeless and courageous
I bleed steel cause the boys heart is stainless
Treated these bitches like they were nameless
My bi-sexual bitch made my dick famous
Married the ho, but damn can you blame this?
Took her to spots filled with tits and anus
Now, I'm banging and getting brain until I'm BRAINLESS
Why the fuck would I want to change this?
Why-n-da-fuk would I change this?
Can't count em all, told you they nameless
Black, white, puerto-rican, mexican, asians
Addicted to the friction- the high was painless
The dream of every beast- cageless
Had to let her go tho, cause her life was aimless
That wild brasilian pussy was tameless
I knew it wouldn't last, so I made changes
Just another period, a man goes through stages
Redirected my vision on raising my wages
Ceased the insanity...

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this remind me of a funeral
couple shots of henny, aint no telling what i'll do to ya
if you an ape then you climbing up the wrong tree
if an Ace and I'am taking out all kings
you an average rapper, aint close to royalty
I slap a rapper, yap em for his royalties
aint got a deal but I spit to get my n*ggas fed
cant find a cat with AIDS sicker then the shit I said
I use ink for survival I am an octopus
while ya get f*cked for your money like a prostitute
Listen to the sounds of a beast
Iam in touch with the pavement, so now you here the sounds of the streets
flow out this world, cant see me with a telescope
rap fiends is after me, you will think I am selling dope
its a shame cause I got a case building
and my level is ontop the empire state building!

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I am holding my own like I am taking a piss
Ya'll p*ssy and i want some so i am taking ya b*tch
spit fierce dont give a f*ck bout getting me rich
i paint pictures, aint no tracing my sh*t
I face my fear when I am looking in the mirror
and i breake the glass so it look a little clearer
Break my enemies when their pride is strong
or beat em down to their life is gone
My apitite for destruction the beef is gone
when i smell honey, the bees will swarm
you sweet as hell n*gga, your still is chump
so I can back you down with the wildest pump
guns are cheap, doctor bill are expensive
I hope you stacked up cause my heart is relentless
go ahead and laugh if you think its a joke
the way i cross heads out you would think i am the pope
my n*ggas ball like its income tax time
dish dimes, like steve nash, when its crunch time
fastbreak, we making that fast cash
but its like a track race whenever that mag blast
bullets like dicks, hitting your *** ass
my nigg*s go to war like this was bhagdad
cant see me with the hands, i box to well
you will think that i learned how to box in jail
wheather locked in the box
keep doors locked in the drop
creeping through the block bumping new shit from the LOX
I am living hard so I am spitting the same way
Nigg*s will steal your whip and rob your crib in the same day
i aint playing leave the games for the lill kids
you get respect even if you did a lil bid
a lil bid can turn into a big lie
and be wise or everybody in your crib dies
birds fly so do the shells
so you can hop on these bullets and ride em to hell
hit all them up and break up a nigg*
dudes aint from harlem but I shake up up a nigg*
magic keys to riches i can pick through the lock
these streets are painted with gold i can show you the block
like an entrepreneur, diplimatic imunity
a good semeritan, i served in my community
painting perfect pictures with no brush or canvas
this is school of hardknocks and i lived on campus
pull up to your block with that purple range
i am the prince in the hood, i got that purple rain
stacked up the purple haze, so we wont run out
ya snakes in the grass get caught with your tongue out
aiming for you temple so i am killing your thoughts
the AC in the shop so i am taking your porshe
got a laid back style that your kids will love
so you dont want me in your house with all black and gloves
it must be fear that i see when i am in your presence
tape up the wife and kids like christmas presents
understand who your facing, i am a season veteran
I dont have to touch you to, leave you breathless
the barrell of the gun is about a foot tall
and it through bullets the size of footballs
i am the god, and you can tell my rivals
i speak the truth like i am quoting the bible

sorry was long..couldnt


Mr. Couper
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I'm like Barack and Ex-lax
...I'm running SHIT

Yall painting pictures, I'm more prolific
Egyptians chisled my story into the hydroglifics
Timeless and global as flies, rats, and dung
So they say I'm Fly, the Shit, the 1
"Even worse, I gives less than a fuck
but slightly more than a shit"
Eject more bitches than pc's and discs
Said she wanted a MAC, right?
I flow tighter than asphyxiation
No pulse, no resuscitation
I'm making the whole game choke
You want hot lines...
yall better follow the smoke

I'van der Rohe
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Not reachin for any kind of acceptance
I'm just speaking from my mind, you get this
talk has been so much about elections
Fools on The Mall, standing froze like erections
Country heading in all new directions
Barack Obama on that pledging
allegiance to the United States Grind
I'm preaching collegiate expansion of my mind
New role model for the thug mind kind
Deeply analyzing my thoughts line for line
Shifty parables like tales of great earthquakes
In my mind Souls of Black Folk, Awake!
like Dubois said, reach further, don't just cast down
We're better than just blasting our hometown
get your mind right,
figure your lifelike
replicas watching the every move that we make
Shaping these young minds, binds they must escape
Bama taught'em how now just do it
We need to continue the lesson, Theory Assessed
Now go through it.

I thought i was done with the thread...guess not :lol:

Mr. Couper
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$3K lawyer fees, probation costs 2fifty.00
40 hours of service in the community
plus 3 days in their correctional facility
All over a scratch, gotta be kidding me?
They could give a fuck about my family
Instead, they just fucked me financially
Shout out to my man, Iggy!

Albeit, I quit the X-treme sexin,
chronic sessions and Patron ingesting
Never again...I learned my lesson.

Bang, "Souls of Black Folk" is a great read, but you should also check out "Message to the Blackman" by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (if you haven't already).

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why ask why my shit nicer then yours?
you can bring crews in twos, they'll get broke up like a divorce
broke up comp, get rid of your history
every verse scorch my lungs like litorine
the more come, the more get left with sore lungs
i am going ape on ******, you would think I walk around on 4 thumbs
dont blink, not even once
get the best of me, yea right not in your life
you got better odds winning the lottery twice
because a lot of these dudes wanna act cool
make em show and prove
til I get under their skin like a tattoo
that cant be removed
and we cant loose
because we on that pirate shit, coast gaurds cant save ya
sword behind your head like the badge of the oakland raiders!

Mr. Couper
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MY diction is more hitting than a crack addiction
Real souljahs stay at attention, just listen
I bring the raw like waiters and sushi
Shells to his head - muslims and kufies
Baptise em with nouns, drown em in verbs
Bring him to the surface just to re-submerge
Make em swallow them words...

I'm sicker than a cancer patient diagnosed with HIV
Check the dictionary...
pic of K. S.o.ZE
All day I does this shit, just like the sunshine
Yall ****** just moonlighting, reflecting what's mine
Fuck around, I'll force a lunar eclipse
1 barrel to his dome, another to his lips
I call it "double big dipper- *****"
Read my shit, but don't forget to re-read my shit
cause most fools just fucking misread my shit
Betta wear shades when I'm talking
Retinas collapse from the sparking
Bastards are men-strual
Therefore, i keep a kotex
Absorbing these hoes, who's next

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I am so carefree
it seem scary
dare me to pull your card, i show no respect
I prolly cut the deck
gotta deal with that
is like I work at a chineese store, cause i am bout to start stealing cats
whom ever he is, give it to em in pieces
chumps fold under presure like creases
without Xavier, I'll show YOU who the BEAST is!
this ***** still here trying to doubt us
i play electrician and wire your mouth shut
this aint an audition, i am straight to show on the stage
i am garanteed to have on the mic and blade
i aint made for the jokes get your Martin on
make a call 20 mins then your car is gone
you should understand who you rhyming with
I go bar after bar after bar til you smell the heineken!

Honda fanatic
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ill come back to this thread later when im not busy, i like what ive read so far though, lets keep this going...

I'van der Rohe
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Bang, "Souls of Black Folk" is a great read, but you should also check out "Message to the Blackman" by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad (if you haven't already).

You should check out "Envy of the World" by Ellis Cose. Pretty impressive book...

i am going ape on n**gas, you would think I walk around on 4 thumbs
you wild for that one :rofl:

Honda fanatic
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3.2 is on the mic because he flows so tightly
rhymes interwoven like tight Lee's
known to only smoke the right trees
a polite G, but not really because hes fucked
his domepeace....up like a blown B......
series revved to 9 G' serious?
i spit delirious because my ******
came to feel this realness, hear this ill shit,
smoke a blunt to this then fuck that real bitch.

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see the whole thing is I aint a stranger to pain
just let me explain
you looking at me strange
then bullet cruise through your shoulder like an extra lane
I aint playing, go ahead and make believe
while you chasing dreams
hustlers chasing fiends
gotta get that change, do it by any means
trying to make that change, from the negative shit
into some positive thoughts, trying to get out of the bricks
****** crowding the porch, they observing their knicks
iam observing the war, between ****** and pigs
i am mean dealers and cops
useto handle the haze, but soon had to stop lil man to this world, a big gift from god
i still had the supply, got it from all of us
broght grass to school, thought we was gardeners
now we like carpenters, tools in arm reach
with two hammers a piece
for ****** thats two face, treat em like toothpaste
and proceed to squeeze
but i am trying to stay away from the cage,as far away as i can
aint trying to be in the slammer
357 on stage you would think i was hammer

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everyday ****** get killed for a couple of dollars
i might as well invest money in funeral palors
its a shoot first attitude, everybody carrying heat
squeeze off trying to bury your peeps
get attacked in your dreams, ***** dare you to sleep
scary as the word that defines a coward
when its on then its on we survive with power
5.0 circle the block, we know their motive
when the train come through aint no locomotive
bout 9 cherry tops one after the other
learn from mistakes of others
so we dont follow that paths in the sand that the snakes done covered
break bread with the whole squad, eat on the Ave
greedy ***** stay beasting, want a piece of a half
this the brotherhood, I never deny my clan
crazy fam, rep my team like a yankee fan!!
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