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Front Bumper Cover Installation Bolts/Clips

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Hi All,
I've come to this forum for lots of answers in the past for my '92 Acura Legend. It's such a reliable car. I've recently purchased a new front bumper cover and painted it myself. The previous owner did a screw job installing the current bumper. I've looked through threads to get more info on the types of bolts, screws, or whatever else might be necessary to install the bumper correctly but I've only found info on removing the bumper entirely. Does anyone have specific details on bumper cover installation? Just the cover, not the entire bumper. I need to know what type of clips, bolts, fasteners it needs and how many/where they go.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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The online manual is your best bet for info like this: Acura Legend Online Service Manual (Page: 0821) It is easier to uninstall/re-install the cover onto the bumper when it is also off of the car.
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