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FS: 1986 Legend Sedan 5 Speed

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Sadly, it's time.
1986 Legend Sedan / 5 Speed / White
204K original owner miles
VIN: JH4KA2548GC017178
Dallas/Ft. Worth area
Basically this is a project or parts car at this point. The car has been parked for 3 years and has not run since last year. Over the winter a furry friend chewed wires and even after splicing the evident ones, I couldn't start it. Before parking it could hit 80mph in a flash while highway driving. It has some of the usual mechanical issues (oil/lifters) along with others, and the body is showing weathering, but there's only 1 small rust spot that I know.
Anyone wanting a project please email to state interest and I'll forward my phone number. If no bites it will be donated to Purple Heart Foundation or a high school auto shop class if any exist anymore.
Contact: [email protected]

Alan K.
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Moderator, please remove post. Vehicle is no longer available.
Thank You,
Alan K
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