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1991 Acura Legend L coupe, 5-speed manual trans
189,300 miles - original motor and trans

Here's the issue guys. I picked up this car a couple of months ago from a buddy of mine for $700.00. After having put on 3,000 miles, the car now has a blown head gasket. Here's what happened.

I was dropping off my date last Saturday night, and my heater stopped working. As I get to her road, the temp guage starts to rise (first time it's ever done that -- previous owner never had O/H issues). As I pull into her driveway, the gauge is 3/4 the way up and there's smoke all over. I shut it down immediately, left the car at her house, and got a ride home. The next day, my uncle and I fixed the upper radiator hose which had blown, and refilled/bled the cooling system. The car ran GREAT. I drove it for 45 minutes or so with no issues. Later that day, though, the temp gauge started going up again. The heater would occasionally blow cold air. I dreaded the worst. I would clean up the radiator area, go driving, and then pop the hood again and notice I had coolant leakage.

The car won't overheat while idling. I'll just be driving along, and it will go up for no reason. I turn off the car, fire it back up after a few minutes, and it's fine again. Figured the radiator was bad, because of the leakage. So today I took the car to an independent heating/cooling shop and they said it's a warped or cracked head -- in other words, BHG. I'm not going to start dumping money into this car. I'm going to cut my losses and move on to a more reliable car. Honestly, there is NOTHING I could have done differently to prevent a BHG. There was no prior leakage, no loss of coolant, and the car recently had an inspection at the local Acura dealer -- no engine/cooling issues noted. It still has NEVER hit the red mark at the top of the temp gauge.

Recent Maintenance:
- A/C converted to R34 a year ago
Within the last month (!!):
- Oil change at Acura
- New tranny fluid at Acura
- Just bought some touch-up paint - will include
- New timing belt
- New alternator belt
- New power steering belt
- New water pump - OEM!
- Adjusted parking brake
- New front brake pads (lifetime)

- Clear corners
- Nice Alpine deck
- Recovered speaker grilles in black fabric
- Blue headlight bulbs (low beams)
- Will include IS300 wheels/tires for $800 additional (nearly new front tires). Otherwise, the car will be sold WITHOUT wheels/tires. Bring your own.

1. Master window switch (broken in OFF position). The driver's window goes down and up, but none of the others do.
2. Driver's side interior door handle. I have it rigged up to open by pulling the cord, hasn't really bothered me.
3. Front marker lights don't turn on. Might be a fuse issue.
4. Hood struts don't work.
5. ABS light is on and has been since I've owned the car.
6. No antenna mast. Sometimes I can pick up stations, sometimes not.

The engine in this car runs strong. I made two trips across the state of Utah (at 6hrs each) and had NO issues whatsoever. The transmission will occasionally grind going into third gear, but if you go in smoothly it won't. I've learned how to drive without having it grind EVER.

So there you have it. I'm into the car over $1,400 (without the wheels). I'm looking to get $1,100. The car is worth that in parts! Or someone may want to rebuild the motor. Honestly, the car still drives super and I have a hard time parting with it. I just don't have the means right now to put another cent into it (poor college student). Body-wise, I recently had the dent in the RF fender popped out (cost me $50) along with a couple other minor dents. It just needs a little touch-up paint. Other than that, there was only one other issue with the body -- the left rear quarter has a little bit of rust and some dents. Overall, paint is excellent. Interior is tan cloth -- needs to be detailed but has no rips or tears. Email me for detailed pics!

So -- $1,100 for the car, $1,900 for the car with wheels and tires. The car is located in Logan, Utah, about 2 hours north of Salt Lake City. Must be picked up -- sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS.

Email me for more info: [email protected].

Thanks all. Hope somebody wants this car. I was really enjoying it, and I'm disappointed to have to sell it. Here are the pics...

^^ that dent is fixed now. Needs touch-up paint though.

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Is it just me but do you notice people seem to skip by the information they are looking for? The ad say 2hrs north of salt lake city and his phone number is there too. What more do you need? And for gosh sakes, the mileage is on the second line!
BTW, your car looks nice, sorry to hear about your misfortune.
No flames please :D

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4cruizn said:
Car is SOLD for $900. Thanks for all who expressed interest.
sigh, another great Legend deal that was just too far away from me... :(

Victory is fleeting...
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KaPGuN 5speed92 said:
sigh, another great Legend deal that was just too far away from me... :(
Yeah, me too. I must have looked at this post fifty times.

I'm glad you got it sold, 4Cruizin...Sometimes you just have to know when to say when...
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