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91 Acura Legend Coupe for Sale -- ASKING ---> $5,500
Pearl White
300,000 Kms on the body.
approximately 70,000 on the engine. Installed March 2007.
17 Inch rims. and new tires (85% tread left). put on April 2007.
Pioneer Deck, speakers (front and back), and 10" subwoofer in the trunk. 2 amps. one hooked up to speakers, the other to the sub.
The whole sound system was installed in August 2007.
The right headlight is broken due to a car backing up into me, however, I have bought the One piece JDM lights from e-bay, along with the HID kit from modexpress (H4-H/L 8000 K bulbs). They're just sitting in my room. I have not installed them yet, since I haven't actually driven my car since September.
I had planned to install all these things, along with a few other things (New Leather seats purchased from Katzin leather , 2 toned, grey and black, etc.), however I have finally decided to part with this car :( My driver's license has been suspended since Septmeber and will be for quiet some time, therefore, I really can't drive no more :( I am planning to buy a bike very shortly, after I sell the Legend that is.

Car Runs great, I've loved every moment driving it. I'm sure as most of the people on this forum know, it is hard to let go of your Legend. I became a Legend enthusiast AFTER i got my legend, I didn't know too much about them before I got it in August 2006. But it has definately become a favourite of mine. I've wanted a bike for a long time now, and since I have issues with my license, I do need to get rid of my car.

I live in Toronto, Canada. Postal Code M5G 2R3. So for anyone that lives south of the border, I have no clue how much shipping charges would be and how that works, but if you ARE interested in the car, I'm more than willing to ship it to you.

For those who are interested in the car, please drop me an email at [email protected] or PM me with your email address and I'll email you pics.

I also have pics of ALL the parts that I mentioned above (JDM one piece headlights, leather seats, HID kit, etc.) so I can definately email you those pics as well.

I have put up an ad on Craig's list just a few days ago, there are 3 pics there for you guys to see.

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