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FS: 1994 Legend drive train - blown head gaskets - $250

I just sold my Legend and I have this complete drivetrain for sale. It was the original drivetrain from my car but overheated due to head gaskets. I purchased it when I originally bought the car, and had it around in case I decided to replace the head gaskets and have a spare engine/trans.

The engine has 170,000 miles on it and overheated due to head gaskets. The engine still ran fine, but would all of a sudden overheat. According to the man I bought it from, the transmission still shifted great.

This is a complete drivetrain with engine, transmission, harnesses, coil packs, and starter. I'm selling the entire assembly for $250.

EDIT - This is an automatic transmission

I'd prefer local buyers first.

PLEASE DO NOT PM! e-mail only at [email protected]


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