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I am selling my 1994 Acura Legend L Coupe, Type II, AT, 136,000 miles. The car is Milano Red with Type F (tan) leather interior. I JUST (about 200 miles ago) had the timing belt and water pump replaced, as well as the timing belt tensioner and the three drive belts. I just changed the oil as well. I replaced the electrical portion of the ignition switch ~1.5 months ago, new VSS about 11 months ago. All the parts I have replaced on this car have been Genuine Honda Parts, except for the oil filter, air filter, and fuel filter. I flushed the transmission about 5 months ago using the 4X procedure found on this message board. I used Genuine Honda Type 2 coolant after the TB/WP job, GH tranny fluid, and GH power steering fluid have been used exclusively. The CV joint boots are in good condition; none of them are ripped or torn.

I replaced all four brake rotors, all pads, as well as the parking brake shoes.

This car should be good to go for a LONG time. It runs excellent, drives excellent. It doesn't overheat EVER, and before the timing belt change, I hadn't added a single drop of antifreeze (in about a year). I'm not sure if all the air is out of the system just yet, but I haven't really driven it too much. But the head gasket on this car is for-sure NOT bad. Also, around the 77k mile marker, the factory radiator had a crack, and it was replaced with the current all-metal radiator.

There are a few problems with this car, although they are relatively minor.
1. Alternator might be going out. The previous owner said he had it 'freshened up' at an Acura dealership somewhere between 77k and 126k miles.The battery died on me a few months back so I put a new Duralast in, and I haven't had any problems since, except the battery light illuminates (albeit VERY dimly and you can only see it at night with the lights on)
2. I think there is a motor/tranny mount(s) that is/are bad. I really am not for sure, but the car shifts somewhat 'hard,' the worst is the 1-2 shift.
3. The rear window defroster grid is all scraped off. The car use to have tint, and some b$%&h scraped it off, taking the grid with it.
4. There are various paint nicks around the car. Nothing too bad, you won't really notice it unless you get up close, or if you wash it by hand or something. The majority of these reside around the grill opening. There is one 'rash' at the extreme drivers-side rear corner on the bumper. It is below the trim and therefore not too noticeable. There is no body damage besides a few ~*minor*~ dings. Also, the paint on rear spoiler is slightly bubbled.
5. There is a dime sized 'starburst' crack in the windshield, only a few weeks old.
6. The car needs tires. A front end alignment would be a good idea at this time as well.

I am trying to be as fair as possible lettin' ya'll know what condition this car REALLY is in.

$6000 is my bottom dollar, no b/s, no negotiation (with exception of the tires, I might be able to make a deal there). If you are interested PM me, AIM me (mmmchickenboy), or email me ([email protected]). More detailed pics/info available upon request. Thanks!

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