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- 19x8 Work Rezax II Super Chrome +51 w/ DDC (Dynamic Dimple Composite) Lip
- $2500 shipped or $1950 + clean CLS or TLS rims w/ tires for the local guys
- Wrapped w/ BFGoodrich Scorcher T/A 235/35/19 about 85% thread left
- Condition: 9/10

- These are 3-piece forged Japanese chrome. These rims are in original condition, never had a bend, crack or ever been repaired. Only has normal wear and tear. Had them for about a year and planning on getting another setup. Only two center caps have minor damage courtesy of Wheel Works. One tire rubbed a little, but still in very good condition. Corrected the problem by raising the car half an inch. These were on my Acura TL. If you want full size pictures, feel free to ask.

Rim 1:

Rim 2:

Rim 3:

Rim 4:

All 4 rims:

Tire Specs:

Work label:

Thread measurement:

Thread pattern:

Small crack on Rim 1 center cap:

Small chip on Rim 2 center cap:

$2500 shipped or $1950 + clean CLS or TLS rims w/ tires for the local guys

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just wondering if the tires are suppose to look like that or it is camber wair??? very nice rims tho ..bump
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