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1988 white Legend L 2.7L 2D with 205k on body and 30k on built motor.
The good:
- rebuilt original 2.7, bored 0.030over (by local engine shop 2 yrs ago), 30k
- Venom HP fuel injectors
- Venom HP fuel pump
- Centerforce Dual friction clutch
- Hi Flow catalytic converter
- Hi flow 2.25 exhaust with HP muffler(no resonator)
- Eiboch preostreet lowering springs(2in)
- Tokico shocks
- 17 wheels with Nitto 450 extreme(Z rated)
- New rear brake pads(may need rotors)
- New radiator
- New Clutch Master cylinder
- New Clutch Slave cylinder
The Bad:
Broken glove box hinge
Broken center console hinge
Front leather not is very good shape
Some hood damage due to cinderblock being thrown at it
Some scratches expected of a 16yr old car
The transmission: I had the trans main bearing replaced at the end of the summer and it looks like there is a trans fluid leak at the mating surface of the trans and motor. I don’t know how serious it is, since I have not drive the car since.

Selling to help pay for grad school since someone practically handed me a civic Last time it ran, the legend motor was very strong, but not so sure about the trans.
Asking $2000.
Thanks for looking, Wayne 610-745-5141
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