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I know I'm not a regular member here, but I have been a member of,, and for some time now.

I also noticed that sometimes the pictures dont work, just refresh the page and they'll come.

I figured that I'd post here to see if anone wanted it.

1990 Acura Legend V6L 4 door
The engine is in excellent condition for its age and milage.
It was maintained by the acura dealership, and I have records from the previous owner.

non smoking vehicle.

the auto trans has been rebuilt once, as well as the cylinder head. the timing belt has definetely been changed once, but im not sure if its been done since, so a timing belt would be a good bit of insurance.

Im looking for $1700 obo

power windows, locks, sun roof.
leather interior
its still got the casette player
tires have plenty of tread
the car stops well

there is a little oil leaking from the valve cover. (easy fix)
I got the car a year ago and it has been sitting since then.

Its got a new battery, typical tune up (wires, plugs, dist cap, rotor, oil change, air filter change). I also replaced the hood supports because the old ones no longer held the hood up.

The inspection expired because its been sitting so long, so I took it and had an emissions test done. It passed and the sheet is below.

the automatic gear select will lock if you put the car in park, the horn doesnt work, and the battery will drain if you dont drive the car regularly (I disconnected the battery when I wasnt going to be using it).

of course there are a couple of dents, but i think the car is in great shape for its age.

email me [email protected]
or call 214-868-6658

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