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FS: Black Interior Door Panels w/window switches

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I've got from my '92 sedan, the four interior door panels, in great condition, with the plastic window switches and trim.

I'd like to sell all four, figure $40 a piece plus shipping would be good. I'm going to look into paypal (been a while since I've used it).

Also, separately, I've got the 4 wood window switches and the center console with ashtray. I paid $150 for these when I bought them years I'll research online at a fair price...make me an offer.

Yes, we all want parts and we all want to save money, so please don't ask me to practically give these away....I'd rather trash them before giving them away.

I have pictures, but will have to figure how to upload it later, I can send to your email though.

Thanks everyone.
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Use photo bucket to load pics
Thanks, I'll work on that Monday.

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Hey guy, I'm moving and don't want to take this stuff with me. If interested, send me a message with your email and I'll send pics, make me an offer for everything (door panels and trim/console)

Sorry for not posting pics but I really haven't got much free time.

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Thanks for the tip. I have uploaded photos to photobucket. Would like to get rid of all of this, willing to negotiate a price if you buy it all. I paid $150 for the wood trim alone when I bought it.

Click "view all" on the album below.
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