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Dear Members,

I got many requests for the custom addco bolts so I put money into this project again.

Thanks for looking,


First Group Buy:

Alperovich's review:

The Addco rear sway bar has wider end link than the oem.
OEM bolts are short for the rear Addco sway bar.
Bolts are direct replacement of oem ones and I have 25 sets for sale.

If you have any questions feel free to ask via pm, email or in this topic.


-machined off from M16 grade 10.9 bolts.
-radiused neck to prevent breakage
-no threads where the Addco bar sits
-bolts are zinc plated after machine work
-M10 washer
-M10x1.25 nylon insert self locking nuts

One set is:

2 custom bolts
2 washers
2 nuts


1 set shipped to USA: 41USD

If you need more than one set shipping will be slightly higher depending on quantity.


Only way of payment is paypal.
Payment address: [email protected]


Shipping method is registered priority airmail 5-10 workdays delivery.
Tracking number is available but no online tracking on only delivery confirmation.
I think you can get info via phone.
I will send to the buyer paypal email address a photo about the package and a scanned copy of the shipping label.
I'll ship out the bolts in 1-2 workdays after recieved payment.


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i had a question that came up when i was installing mine.

What's that torque spec on these bolts? i just wanted to make sure i've got them tight enough. when i pulled my sway bar off my wrecked coupe it seemed like they weren't as tight as they could have been
Torque spec is 22 lb-ft (from the service manual)

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The bolts came in the mail the other day, thanks!
Bolts arrived today, thanks! They look great. :D
just got my bolts about a week ago, thanks!
I'm glad you got them and thanks for your support! I'm happy I can give back something to the Legend community!

Otherwise I still have a pending shipment to Biggg72 Christmas time slows down delivery sorry about that!

lastlegend please contact me asap your package is returned the po box I sent is moved!

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You'll feel improvement with the Addcos. Handling is much better. Rear one is easy to install you can do it yourself and you can later install the front one if you need more neutral handling. I have both installed and I'm satisfied much stiffer comapered to oem bars.
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