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These are drivers seat parts from a 91L with memory. All parts prices include shipping unless otherwise noted. If wanting multiple parts please PM for combined price.

Tilt Motors $50:
Tilt Motors

Back/Forward Motor $45:
Back & Forward Motor

Seat Memory Control Unit $65:
Seat Memory Control Unit

Seat Back Motor $35:
Seat Back Motor

Power Seat Switch Assy $40 (switch cover & small button NOT included):
Power Seat Switch Assy

Memory Seat Wire Harness $25: S O L D
Memory Seat Wire Harness

Drivers Seat Belt (seat side only) $15:
Drivers Seat Belt

Seat Bottom Wire Cover $10:
Seat Bottom Wire Cover

Misc Seat Hardware and Springs $12:
Misc Seat Hardware

Seat Front Trim $12:
Seat Front Cover
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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