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FS: JDM 1pc, ECU, Clear Corners...etc

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FS: JDM 1pc, Type F Floor Mats, Short Ram intake

Hey guys, I have some parts left that I never installed on my Legend before I got rid of it.

JDM 1pc Headlights for the Sedan. All tabs still there.

Inner Fender Liner(Drivers side)SOLD

Type I ECU

Clear Corners(4dr I opened the box to check contents otherwise NIB)

GSteg's Short Ram(I never had a chance to install it)

Type F Floor mats(I had mats ontop of the front mats, so they still look new except for a dirt ring around the edges that I will have vaccumed and shampooed. Rear mats are dirty, I will clean them up best I can)

4dr Drivers Side Front Fender(Primed)

Type I Gauge Cluster(Minus the black Bezel which was previously sold, Fuel Gauge is missing the needle.)


Pix available upon request, Make some offers.
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What about the center councel Pm me if you got anything.
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