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Hey guys,
Just wanted to let you know I been having this Trunk Lid in my garage for a while and would like to sell it off since I don't have space to store it. It is in excellent condition. The color is black (Color Code:NH-503P).
Am willing to sell the trunk lid alone if you are ready to patch the holes for the spoiler.
I only have the "Legend" Emblem on it(pictured) and I think I have the locking mechanism(no in photo) too somewhere but I will have to check incase you need that.

Normally the spoiler alone would go for about 120 dollars, am willing to entertain offers above $150 for both the lid and the spoiler. PM me or email at


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Please contact alperovich.(alex)

The guy with the sig that says 152mph at 6200rpms in big blue. just check around in G2 section and you should see his posts if i didnt get his SN right...

he will need one soon. Just let him know yours is for sale. latta
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