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fs: wireless g adapters

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wireless g pci adapter and usb network adapter for sale:

pm offers

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hey yes both are new and unopened.

pm sent ack.

usb adapter min. requirements:
128 ram
cd-rom (for software)
usb port
windows 98, me, 2000, xp

pci adapter requirements:
128 ram
pci slot
98, me, 2000, xp

if ur interested in notebook adaper lemme knoe and ill post requirements. (too lazy rite now)

through the end of this week ill let them go for 30$ shipped.

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It is off by just a little.

The computer I want to set up in my garage to look at CD Roms and webpages for car repair is a 266 MHZ P2 running Windows 98.

I doubt they even make an adapter to make this machine wireless these days.:(

Your price is great though....good luck with the sale.
hah thats suks. thanks for the interest. :)

still have these $30 shipped.

need to sell. make an offer!!!!!!
OMG. You realize in the seven months you have been trying to sell these things, they've depreciated about 50%?
no kidding!duck u want one?

1 - 11 of 20 Posts
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