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FS:wrecked 93 ls coupe 6 speed

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I am looking to get rid of the whole thing If it doesnt sell I may everntually part it out. 1993 Legend LS coupe 6 speed. It has a new factory timing belt and waterpump, new centerforce clutch, 4 new struts, and new drivers caliper, all around 150k, it now has 183k. The type E interior and heated seats are in overall good cond. 3 of the LS rims and michelin tires are good (one is broken from the accident). The engine only burnt about a 1/2 quart between oil changes and never blew any blue smoke. The tranny still shifts through all gears and the engine still starts up no problem. The car is beyond repair, and the airbags were deployed from a previous accident. The car is complete and before the accident everything was in working order. Im looking for $1500. The car is located in central Connecticut. The car should also have a clean title. I am new to this site and dont seem to have image posting priveleages, however pictures can be sent upon request. If anybody is interested please email me [email protected]
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How much for the 6 speed Tranny?? I'd be willing to drive up to CT if you part it out!!
Nah Mark I got dirst dibs on the tranny :D

Seriously though if you part it I'll pick up the tranny if Mark doesn't get it. I'm talking quick too. I have one on hold for $750 shipped if you beat that price I'm with you.
yep yep..... too cold though to take it out and yeah legienza my brother was in an accident last week (coupe totaled) so I guess he will not need the interior anymore you think ur car look's bad, well his car is dismantled can't say much becuase it's under investigation.(he was not at fault though)
I;m intrested in the driver seat... If u willing to part out. Some pic would be great. [email protected]
I'm interested in the drivers seat as well, if Kevin doesnt get it give it to me, I have the cash for it. Good luck with selling the whole thing.
well looks like i am 3rd in line for the tranny let me know if something happens with the 1st 2 guys i can local pick up as well
Movin' up the line

Shaylord said:
well looks like i am 3rd in line for the tranny let me know if something happens with the 1st 2 guys i can local pick up as well
Your 2nd, I paid for my tranny yesterday and it's on it's way.
and i'd take the 6-sp shift knob off your hands if it's in good shape.
jackpot if 1st guy falls threw i want it
If you decided to part it out I would like the center console and the matching window switches. You can e-mail me @ [email protected].
parting out still going on?

I am interested in,

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