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Full authentic Cyber kit 4 sale

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Like the title says it's the real one, not the Ebay poor fitament special. Taking offers.
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2 or 4 door? Is it primed, Pre-drilled, and is the prep work done or has it not been touched by a paint shop yet?
4DR (didn't know they make them for the coupe) and no hasn't been fitted, drilled, primed nothing. My friend bought it then a week later his Leg got stolen so it's just been sitting in his garage. He has a Sentra now so he's trying to get rid of old things.
how much modification would it take to put on a G1 sedan, would that look lame if you could do it anyway?
arnach said:
Could I pay you to burn it?
How much? I'll send pics.
ls6spder said:
ill give you 250
I know he'll take $250. I'll find out if he wants to ship it.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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