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We'll after more than a year on my new engine shooting NOS, an 85 shot that is, i had to open her up.

I head knocking so expected it to be a rod beaing going out, instead all the bearing looked fine, which bring me to my next point. MY Rods, Crank, oilpan, cyillnder walls, pistons all looked perfect. The cyillnder walls still had cross etching. nothing was discolored or burnt. compression still check out a 180-185 across all 6 cyilinders.

What all this mean? A well maintained Legend engine can obiously take lots of Abuse-NOS.

I drive her real hard and for it to be that exceptional in there proves to me that we can shoot more NOS. Im not saying im going to, but id love to try a 125 shot of NOS:D

As for the knocking-i have to put her back together in order to find out, but i think it has something to do with my flexplate and torqe converter.

Ill post it

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What shot does the 5123 Legend kit come with. I just ordered it but I don't think it's going to be enough because although it lists that kit for our application, it says 2.8 - 3.0L engines. Ours is a 3.2 as we all know.
60 recommended comes with 40 and 50 also

you need to buy the additional jets for more hp
Really, it comes with three jets? I'm looking at my kit and I only see one.
there should be a few jets included in the kit-the fuel bypass needs a jet too so theres got to be more than one.
Im up to a 100shot of NOS now... running fine, and damn near unbeatable on the highway...
though I keep blowing valve cover gaskets and I dont know why! oh well, small price to pay for putting those damn mustangs in their place :D
what jet are u using? both.
DV8, go direct port. i wanna see =) does anyone on here have a direct port kit installed? just curious on the gains. and reliability.

Dv8 said:
what jet are u using? both.
45nos and I forget the fuel jet (I'm wanting to say 32, but dont hold me to it). Ill see if I can find the paper that was printed out. I had all the calulations done for me, leter/fuel PSI to Jets.. I did check my sparkplugs not to long ago and it looks like a am running a little rich after NOS, but im fine with that, as long as its not lean!
Hey guys, you all must know about NOS alot. My engine has 160K miles on it, but it runs perfectly. I want to run an 85 shot, so what all would I have to have done to the engine to run that without danger?
how do you guys get so much shot ? Im trying to find the web sites for these NOS kits and all i see are 50,55,65, and 75 do you get it to 125?
Dre, you can purchase NOS jets in little kits and it just takes the right combination of jets to make the right power. I believe NOS kits only have one jet(not sure) but Zex kits have two. And for those who want more power out of there Zex kits, yall can get Nitrous express jets. same jets.
I'll have to do this someday, I think that I'm just gonna do a 60 shot of NOS though. I'll run a bottle warmer though to make sure that I always get the right amount.
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