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Got one from Ebay. No owners manual.
How do I make it work?

Looked for a downloadable owners manual (goodgod it's 2002!)
and there are none I could find. Anyone have a .txt version or someother?

Any quick operational tips?

Thanks, buk

88 sleeper
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middle position when you turn it on.(do your best to make it level)
Accel/Gforce will alternate back n forth.
Push the switch in to select one of the functions. When you select Accel you can calculate 0-60, 60-0 & 1/4 mile

After you press it a decimal number will show up. get it as close to .00 as you can. anything up to .5 should be able to zero itself out.
push the switch in again & the counter will zero out & will flash "Go"

If you want to test 0-60 only. when it flashes you 0-60 time. decelerate to below 30mph before you travel a 1/4 mile.

same in reverse applies to 60-0. somehow the GTECH knows when you're @ 60 so you dont have to be @ go to run that test.

for the quarter mile. its all the same just accellerate till it flashes your 1/4 mile time.

have fun!!
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