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Ok, this a G1 coupe I found today. Interesting story. I went to the courthouse to register my G2 for NALM, and since I was down on that part of town ( I avoid it) I decided to stop by a shop that I worked at about 7 years ago and had not been there since then.

The conversation eventually turned to my love of Legends, and it turns out they have thus coupe sitting in the basement (basement holds aprox 40 cars), and no plans for it.

Even though this car is not mine, for all intents and purposes, pretend that it is. The owners don't want to deal with anyone else. On the other hand, I don't get anything if it sells, so ill be brutally honest about the cars condition. Im not a huge fan of the G1s, but this one seemed to nice to not offer to the forum.

Last disclaimer, This car was in a pitchblack basement. I had to use a flashlight and a camera phone to grab pictures. They turned out terrible, but they give a good idea of the overall condition.

The car has not been driven daily in a couple years, and it will need at least one axle. It drives OK but the axle is bad. A full fluid change would also be in order. If someone wanted to buy this car we could do these things at my house, and all it would cost you was the parts + a pizza!

The Owner wants $1300/bo. The car is an automatic ( :( ) and has 131,xxx original miles. Jen gets first claim to this car if she wants it. Now the pics.

Interior pics:

Driver side door, worst part of the interior, it is missing one trim piece

Passenger side door and seat, both in great condition

Driver Seat, great condition

Gauges/steering wheel - great condition

Dashboard, 0 cracks, great condition

Center console, great condtion

Rear seat, great condition

Now for the exterior. It is not quite as nice as the interior, but still very fixable and not bad looking at all. I tried to mainly grab pictures of the problems with the exterior, since its not my car.

Passenger front fender - good/great condition

Driver side fender - good/great condition

Front Bumper:
Can't tell from the pic, but there is a lot of spiderwebbing of the paint on the front bumper cover.

Driver side of the car was fine, and i thought i took pictures of it, but i guess i didnt.

Passenger door - Small dent/crease in bottom of door, can see in pic

Rear quarter panels - these were completely free of honda rot, BUT there is what appears to be some small rust bubbles forming under the paint directly above the passenger rear quarter. Very easy/small repair if done soon. You can see the bubbles in the pic iff you look close enough

Finally, A pic from the rear. Great condition, and great condition stock spoiler :)

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Can't tell from those pictures, but it looks like it has a 90LS spoiler. However, it's neither a 90 nor an LS. Judging from the interior color scheme (and this is a guess since the lighting is so poor), specifically the solid brown dash/console, it looks to be a base-level 87 coupe....
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