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Due to decisions made by, this site has ceased to be about the car, the people, and the community and has now turned into a commercial, corporate money grab.

That is not what I signed up for back in 2003. I am about connecting with like-minded individuals that share the same passion and commitment to the Legend.

I refuse to enforce AutoGuide's rules, and no longer can I participate here while they rape what was once a great community-based forum.

I am leaving to the new site and I am taking all of my contributions with me. They do not belong to you they are NOT your intellectual property per your TOS (a screen shot can and will be provided if needed). They belong to ME, the original author. And as the original author, I am hereby publicly stating that YOU DO NOT HAVE MY PERMISSION to go into your cache and restore my old threads and/or contributions.

Maybe someday I'll return...when the traffic here has died to nothing and you abandon the URL...but I will only return when this forum is no longer owned by you or any of your cronies.

It's been a great ride guys...see you on the other side.

1 - 3 of 69 Posts
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