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sam o nela said:
Here is the list that someone suggested be made...

These are parts from other Hondas/Acuras/Misc Cars that will work on the G1 Legend:

~Honda/Acura Wheels from Accords, early CL's and TL's,
~(possibly) multiple different Hond/Acura Steering Wheels
~G1 TL Double DIN Headunit
~Most Honda Acura HU's that use the same harness plug as ours (very common for Honda in the 80s and 90s) Even some Bose systems...
~Ford Taurus/Saab DIN Sized Cupholders and change compartement
~G2 6 Disc CD Changer
~Of course any Acura "A" Symbols and Honda "H" Symbols

Thats all I can think of right now that are for sure...

Things Id like to look into in the future...
~Reportedly Other Honda/Acura Coilover kits being used on the G1 Coupes...We need confirmation with pics if possible from those who have ACTUALLY done this...
~10 Way power seats (driver and passenger) from a 90 LS transplanted into my 87 L sedan
~CL-S Seats for more support
~'88+ Sedan Door panels into 87L Sedan to use larger speaker enclosure

I will edit my list as time goes on and I'd like to encourage fellow G1'ers to post additions to the list anything that has yet to be put on...

:bowdown: G1 Legends :bowdown:
On the power seats....I think they'll be an issue with the plugs and the wiring harness.
1 - 1 of 69 Posts
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