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Looking for some help on center caps for an OEM accessory wheel that was sold with the Legend in 89/90. I recently picked up a set of these rare rims (big thank you to Andrew!), and had them refinished in gloss satin black. Only issue I'm running into is with the center caps that came with the rims, some were a bit beat up. So a couple of them are missing several plastic tabs and not snapping in so nicely. In doing some research on these caps, they differ from the stock center caps found on the Legends as they don't have the notch/tab carved into the center cap. The notch/tab to be able to pop them off is carved directly into the rim. In addition, the size of the cap is just slightly larger in diameter and the radius portion on the back with the clips is slightly larger as well.

In doing some online research, I found some sites that say some Integra models from 91'-93' shared this style cap, but I have yet to find an Integra image that shows this, and the folks on the Integra FB page didn't seem to think this was an option. I've exhausted my online searches to try and find them.

If anyone has any of these from a parts car that are in nice shape, I'd love to discuss purchasing them. The part # is 08180-SG0A0-02. Thanks for any help or leads.

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