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I did a search on the forum but didn’t find much info on the G1, So don't shoot me for asking this question.

Here’s the specifics:

1988 G1 coupe
Lowered 1.5” with Tokico shocks and Suspension Techniques springs

Rim choices:
17 X 7 with +40 offset
17 x 7 with +45 offset

I’m looking at a 215 /45/17 tire.

So what do you G1 owner’s recommend?

Five- O
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I would go with the higher offset +45- so that you won't rub.

I have the same size rim w/ the same size tire but my offset is +35 (too low) and I'm scapeing in the rears (with eibachs and kyb)- the fronts don't scrape at all.

I'm planning on renting the fender roller machine and doing my rear inner fenders in a few weeks. If that isn't enough then I'm going to add an extra bump stock to my rear shocks. My only other alternative would be to remove the eibachs.

Good luck
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