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G1 Service Manual

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I just made this for the G2 guys:

I would like to add the G1 manual for all of you.

However, the 88-90 manual wont work because it is a collection of PDFs.

I need the 88-90 manual in one single PDF file.

If anybody has this please let me know .
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Will a zip file work.....with all the pdf's etc......inside ??????
No, just need one single pdf. The zip has 100+ PDFs in it. No Good.
ok.....I don't think you'll have any luck !
This is so awesome...thank you so much Arnach!!
craulto said:
This is so awesome...thank you so much Arnach!!
Craulto....please post pics of your car in the G1 gallery.
if you send me the pdfs i will merge them together using acrobat pro...
can send it to maytagman at
ok i just merged all of the pdfs into one pdf file... houston88l was nice enough to hook me up...
now its slightly out of order due to the strange directory setup the manual website used... so all i gotta do is sort it a little better... maybe make a table of contents too...
where do you want me to send it when its completely done?
ok guys... its finished...
please give me feedback :)
Wow, that looks nice. Good work!
Do you plan on making a TOC also? That would probably help a ton since I am still receiving the whole document.

Anyway, thanks.
i wanted to make a table of contents... but i really dont have the time right now... BUT.... if someone is willing to make a TOC in microsoft word i will definately add it... i could also add chapter intro pages...
if anyone can please do those things and send em to me i will gladly add them :)
G1 manual

I was trying to access the last 1/4 of the manual and I keep getting parsing errors which blank out the pages! I looked it up and it might be because it was sent as an email attachment and decoded wrong ? I really appreciate the work you've put into this , I'm trying to sort out a ecu code 9 on 89 legend coupe m/t .. I replaced the crank angle sensor which tested bad in the car with a good one but still get code 9 ???
If somebody can send me the collection of G1 service manual PDFs I'll host them with a nice index.
The huge PDF is mirrored here
If I had broadband, I'd upload the HTML version that used to sit on the old honda-acura website.

Like the old online version, it has its own built-in index, but does not contain some of the more obscure and seldom used content.

Maybe someone else has hi-speed and a copy of this? At 45mb, dial-up is insanely slow.

I also noticed that essex offered to host as well.
Yeah we're getting it sorted out...

For the record...the copy listed above has a Table of Contents stickied...
i have the HTML page that is in question, just no way of getting it uploaded anywhere. anyone?
That very cool, it just needs a table of contents =)
That very cool, it just needs a table of contents =)
See my post two posts above....
I know, but hey feedback is feedback no matter how many times same thing comes up.
the html page i have IS the table of contents. it links you to the pages that you need. anyone have a place i can upload this thing?
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