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Tonite at the Street Legal Drags in Sac
My G1 was running shotty low 16's all night; but it was being consistent.

In an elimination round i lined up with Dv8's G2

Dial In
Me- 16.10 Dv8 - 15.20

Reation Time
Me - .523 Dv8 - .547

Me - 16.274 Dv8 - 12.249

me- 86.865 Dv8 - 89.404

Dv8 Win - .101 sec

Best opponent ive faced since ive been going.
I was hopin on a holeshot but Christian came through with a 547 light. arghhhhhh
& he braked on me to rub it in ;)
Me no have a scanner Dv8, if you can pic it then slap it up here.

I'll get ya back next week :)

i think the reason im not getting 2.4 60's is because im dumping the clutch coming out of the box. I tried a slip on the way home @ a light & came out STRONG!
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