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That's a big question. Coupe or Sedan? Here is the most important of changes:

91-95 (200HP, TYPEI Engine, 5-speed manual available)
94-95 only GS (230HP, TYPEII Engine, 6-speed manual available)

91-92 (200HP, TYPEI Engine, 5-speed manual available)
93-95 all trims (230HP TypeII Engine, 6-speed manual)

Now those are just the biggest things, but there are LOTS of smaller things, like 200W Bose Audio Systems, Traction Control, Heated Seats, Etc... try these websites: (check out "Legend Models" section)

Some of the Legends had black moldings on them (much like our G1s) Personally, I don't think the black moldings that go around the car look good on the G2, they did look good on the G1. Later on, they started being painted the same color as the car.

Post any questions!

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From Personal Experience, and from what I have read on these forums:

1- Head Gasket Failure
2- Rad failure (causes #1)
3- Vehicle Speed Sensor
4- Brake Master Cylinder
5- Auto Tranny (if not taken care of properly
6- Rust spots on Rear wheel wells
7- Crappy Leather
8- CV boots or joints ( happens on most cars)
9- did I mention Head Gasket Failure

Get it checked out by a mechanic, and ask him to check for signs of head gasket failure... I have heard so many horror stories on these forums of overheating problems.. Other than that, pretty reliable cars:)
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