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Gas Mileage question...again

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Hey sorry i know this has been asked before but how many miles do you all get to a full tank of gas? I obly get like 230 miles city driving and about 345 highway driving. This seems like a big gap. I have a 91 5 speed coupe. Please list what kind of legend you have and how many city and highway miles you all get. thanks.
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yep, thats about what I get to a tank of gas, most ever was 360 on the highway speeds 75-80, with a few blasts to 100+ and some traffic pockets on I-76, 270, and 495. lowest was about 215 in the city
forgot, I have a 91 L coupe auto
i've wondered something along these lines for a while... i am curious to know if gas mileage is different between the sedans and coupes for some strange reason. i have owned a '95 6-speed ls coupe, and now have a '94 6-speed gs. in my coupe, i used to get ~450 freeway miles, and ~350-400 city miles on a full tank, while now in my sedan i get ~350 highway miles and ~250-275 city miles. to me, this is quite a big difference, and there has been no difference in my driving habits. anyway, thats my story and i'm sticking to it : )

lol, i only get about 185 city miles on a full tank of 91 octane (NO gas station where i live sells 93 octane!), must be the high milage. still not that bad, my old toyota 4runner only got about 10mpg in city.

hmmm, I get 350 to 360 miles a tank. I fill up with approx 16.2. I only drive 20mile round trip to work. I noticed a huge difference after my tune-up. Of course I don't drive fast. I cruuuzzzz.
well, i used to get 230 miles max per tank in 99% city driving...however since i just got my car from the body shop and it looks brand new again, i am driving it as if it was brand new, so i have been trying to get used to chill and calm driving, something that i was never used to in the past, used to just floor it everywhere. So far I am at 230 miles on my first full tank since getting my car back and it has not yet reached "E". I think I may get a good 30 miles or more in the city more now by driving "normal" altho I did floor it a bunch of times when I first filled up, so I have yet to try it with no flooring at all, so next full tank. I am hoping to get upto 275 per tank, but I'll see next tank. Highway I don't know cuz I am usually driving only in city with occasional highway driving.
im trying to figure why you guys are gettig such good mileage. i filled at half between E and 1/4 and the mileage was ~200 maybe just a bit below. must be the miles (238,xxx)
over 400 0n the highway

I have 20s on my 91 acura legend and it gets unbeleiveable milage on the highway. In town it can eat it up fast with the AC on. But on the highway she is a dream on the pocket book. I would suggest anyone who can afford to lift the car an put 20s on it if you ride alot on the highway. It also throws off the odometer just a little bit. For every 14 miles I go , it says I do 12 and a half.AWSOME RIDE!!!!!!
I have 315 on the current tank, with about an eighth to go.

I have 92 L Sedan w/ 5spd, 128xxx mi; stock rims
I have now had the car 7 days

Of course, I am in the process of removing the pin striping, so that should allow me to squeeze a few more mpg j/k
i get about 230-260 city with my 93 6sp coupe. but i drive her like the sexy beast she is.
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