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Gas Mileage

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I just bought a 94 ls, and I feel like I am burning too much fuel. I eatimate that I am getting between 15-18 miles per gallon, is this right?? Can someone email me and let me know?
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18-20 mpg at 94k without the 90k checkup, standard

Just put some fuel intake cleaner in. Have driven 100 miles on a quarter tank with a heavier foot than usual (22 mpg). Hope to get more after I change the oil, replace the spark plugs, replace the timing belt, put in a new exhaust, and all that good stuff.

I recently blew out my exhaust while doing the post incredible peel out ever. Reved to 6000 rpms and dropped the clutch. Had to back off for fear that I would burn the tires straight through, went straight through second gear. I was wondering if anyone could give me an idea on a good exhaust system to buy for my 89 Legend L (the old exhaust was **** anyways, the car used to be owned by an old man, and now I have an excuse to give my dad so that I can replace it). Thanks for all the help.

Any other ideas for modifying performance and looks would be much appreciated. I will probably put about 2k into the car by the end of the summer.
does anyone get better performance and/or milage with a higher grade of gas. I use 89 octane, but I am wondering if it would be to my advantage to swith to 90 or 91 (or maybe even 92). I did hear that using a gas grade higher than what you car was rated at can actually hurt the car (something about when you start up and stuff), this true?
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