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Hello everyone,

My aunt has a 1991 Acura Integra GS 4-door Auto, with 200k+ miles

Anyways, recently the master brake cylinder went out, and it was replaced, so the pedal no longer sinks to the floor, here's the new problem:

The pedal pressure is steady, but the car feels as it "SLOWS DOWN" instead of normal braking, kind of like if ABS is engaging every time the car begins to brake. The "ABS" light is ON, and stays on, the ABS code box gave "Wheel Sensor" problem. The sensor looks really bad, and we've been quoated $130 for replacement sensor. However, I thought if the ABS light was ON, it meant the ABS system wouldn't engage... hmm...

Now, I recommended pulling out the ABS fuses to see if the car would react differently (going to try this tomorrow). I was expecting the ABS light to stay on once the fuses were pulled (like on the Legend) but it went off!! Weird, is the Integra just different in this way?
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