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Hey Folks,

Been observing this site for the past few weeks and decided to introduce myself and car. Found a 91 L sedan last month with 75K miles, original owner passed away (he was 83). Great shape but had not been ran in 6 months. Got it fired up and typical Legend problems I have read about ensued. Radiator was cracked (plastic top), hence overheating and numerous other issues for a car this age. Took it to a recommended shop here in town and had BHG test done (good to go so far) and radiator, thermostat, water pump, and timing belt replaced. I have made this car my daily driver and like it so far. I need to replace the right axle and I feel the mild driving vibrations will go away that I currently have at start offs and when going around bending curves. Here are a few things I am curious about with the car though that have come up-
- Idle- when sitting in gear at a stop, the car has some moderate vibration- any ideas about this? I am planning a tuneup soon(new plugs, etc).
- Electrical- I am noticing at night that the head lights flicker ocassionally- not sure if it is cooling fan kicking off and on or what- altenator seems to be charging battery fine. If there a voltage regulator or something that goes bad?
I am very happy I got the car. I paid 1500 so I am not complaining and the interior and exterior are flawless. Any ideas as to what should be done next-
fuel filter, axles, electrical, etc..? Money is not that big of a deal (to an extent) but I enjoy doing the work myself if I can.
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