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cigarettcancerman said:
any one heard of taking the wires from the intake tempeture sensor and wiring them together so there would be no resistance and fooling the ECU into thinking the air temp is cold?

could you actually do this without any other modification? and would it be safe? i've thought of doing it and running a switch to it to switch if off during normal driving.
i know you can do it with a resistor, but would it hurt to straight wire it?
would my ecu just think the sensor is bad or anything?
my car has much more get up and go when i first start it cold than when its hot.

btw, if you do have to have a resistor what resistance would i need? i got alot of old computer parts, im sure i can get one off there lol
Yea they are on ebay from anywhere of 6-30 bux. Its a 5.1k resistor that you can get at radio shack, their like 3 for a 1$. I was thinking about runnin up to RS and getting me one. The only thing it would make the computer think is its getting cold air only......? I think I might be ginnie pig....I need some more info though.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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