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If you don’t want “to spend a lot of money on repairs,” buy something else. Like maybe a retired Crown Vic Police Interceptor (CVPI, aka P71). The Gen 2 Legends were always high maintenance cost cars. I had mine from 1998-2004, when parts were still more readily available (Honda still supported them with parts, although new OEM parts were top dollar, and they were more available in junkyards). Mine started at 81K, drove it to 221K, mostly freeway. Even buying junkyard pulls or remanned, I spent as much on repairs as I did on the car.
This is very true. It's hella hard finding parts for these cars. Ebay has been my friend. These are "premium unleaded fuel only" cars...not sure the cost of gas where you are but that's another thought. That said...I love my Legend!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts