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Glow Guages

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Just installed type 2 reverse glow guages. picture was taking by a cheap camera phone thats why its not too clear. needle is a lil hard to see but not too bad.
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91LSMAN said:
How about a larger pic. ;)
this man speaks the truth!
i tried makin it smaller but it wasnt workin
larger? i see it big on my screen?
GhstRider said:
larger? i see it big on my screen?
It's pretty small to everyone else.
So how difficult it is to install it? I'm thinking about getting one also.
quick question for you guys who have aftermarket guages where did you mount the switch(to dim n change colors)?
chuee911 said:
So how difficult it is to install it? I'm thinking about getting one also.
Its not hard to intall you just gotta take your time and be carefull i used the DIY n that helped me alot.
nice thanxs for the bigger pic
I think those gauges should say "race fuel only" on them.
(maybe they already do)

Mount the switch down through the fuse panel.
This way it's out of sight, but you can still adjust it to your liking if necessary.

Is the center section of the gauges blue or white? I mounted mine near the fuse panel (out of sight).
its blue i dont know why its showing up white in the pic
That's what I thought. Where'd you get them? I have Type 1's but wanna upgrade after my swap.
I bought it from morbo he had one laying around, but you can get it from look under (95 legend) reverse glow gaues i acutally like that one a lil better it lights up only the numbers(blue) i think
Oh so your the guy that bought them from morbo. I actually like yours better. I need the center part to glow on mine to match the rest of my gauges.
do you know if theres a way to take them off(w/o any damage) once they put on if so ill get the ones from procarparts and sell you these
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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