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I own 1995 Ls Coupe. It is a 6speed, Sherwood Green I had the car road up until October 2018. I just got it running again. It has the stock 15" rims tires are decent.

I'm the second owner the original owner was a female from New Jersey...I live in Massachusetts. Despite spending it's life in the Northeast, it has Zero rust. a very small amount of clear cancer on the doors...I'll post some pics of it this week. I had garaged for 3 years after I bought it in 2007.

The interior could use a good detailing, but the leather is in good shape. I had the 2 front seats re-upolstered a few years ago. It has 142k original miles

Needs; a battery, and brakes for sure and some exhaust work although everything looks to be intact with the exhaust it started getting louder before I took it off the road, sounds like it is coming from between the cat and muffler (maybe could spot welded...I dunno).
The power steering fluid started to leak before i took it off the road. I don't know if it's the pump or just the lines. I took the belt that turns the ac if off, the compressor clutch was no ac.

I replaced timing belt/water pump in 2010 at around of course that will need to be done.

I was just going throw it up craigslist, it's a project car now imho....any thoughts on what i should list it for would be appreciated
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