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Wassup yall!

I have a '92 LS sedan that almost looks stock, ive been serching for cosmetic and performance mods since before i even bought the car, and i think i finally buckled down on what i want. So i thought id run it by you guys before i start into it.

Here's the list:
- Remus Muffler (of course)
- Custom CAI
- Eibach Pro Kit
- Custom Tower bars
- Eribuni Body Front and rear Spoiler and side skirts
- Andy's Autosport Rear Kit
- JDM one piece Head light assembly
- Katskin two tone Lether Kit
- *Stock Legend GS 5 Spoke Wheels*

* If any one knows where i can find some 16" 5-spoke stock GS Rims I'd appreciate the advice.

Also if anyone has any comments or suggestions, any input is appreciated.

P.S. I herd yesterday that the reason for the end of the true Legend Name was because the Name "Legend" was getting more recognition then the name "Acura". In other words: When an Acura drove by the average person would think Legend instead of thinking Acura. Kinda tight huh just goes to show how powerful our car really is.
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