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After a month of being without my baby, I'm re-united! Well worth the wait as the body is in BRAND NEW condition, literaly! The paint is higher quality than the factory puts on the car! It's a showroom condition now!

Let the pics speak for themselves, even though in person it's many times better:

The paint once again is Carbon Black Metallic, only available to M3s and M5s by BMW. It's basically a black paint with a blue frost to it which makes any light bounce of the paint iwth a blue colour to it:

Below are photos in my garage to show how it looks in low light conditions:

The bodyshop did such an amazing job, and they even detailed the inside of the car for me so that even inside looks like a showroom condiiton!

The bodyshop that did the work is Gibson & Vander Fine Automobiles, the contact info is below:

191 Caldari Rd, Concord, ON L4K 4A1 CANADA
Phone: (905)669-9647

Speak to Frank tell him you saw the Acura Legend pics on the internet.

Only thing that sucks is Acura charges a fortune for the damn moldings!

I'm so glad to be driving my car again, the same feeling as if I just bought it brand new again!

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That is a great paint job!!!
Looks wow!!!
Soooo envious....

My baby's hurtin for a new paint job. Dings here and there. Hood all scratched up and 'ish.

How much was that job if you dont mind me asking?
If its a good price, I WILL send my car there. Im in NH, so if the price is right, I could go for the long haul and fly back.
Wow that is great! Cnat wait to see it at the toronto meet
so i'm guessing when you got the car painted you had to buy new moldings for them?? how much did they run?? i'm going to get my car painted next year milano much did it run? thanks
Looks very nice. How much did it cost you? If I hold on to my 6-Speed, I might get a new paint job in a few years. I was either going to keep the stock black, or one of the other blacks from Honda/Acura, or anther black from a different car company. I don't want to remove the engine to to a complete color change, so I would keep it real close to the original black. Anyway, looks good :)
Looks like a dark navy blue... Very cool.. The last pic w/ the gleam off the front bumper looks cool.:)
wow dude. Looks nice. :)
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Absolutely wonderful.
G much did this cost you? i am looking into getting my car painted....and the color is awesome
DAAAAAAAAAMMMMNNNN :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

Absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations man. Like strato said, how much did it cost you?
You're a pimp man.....;) I am jealous. That is very nice. Its almost like the pearl paint job idea.... a tinge of another color in certain lights and viewing angles. I like the blue look too.... very unique. Did you ever get your head gasket problem fixed BTW?
one piece headlight and you are all set !!!
congrats, i am happy for you :D
Damm, makes me feel like my car is a loser. The paint job is very very great and looks like a brand new car. I would definately wanna see it in person.
WOW !!!

Very nice paint job...Love the color..blk/blu..:D :D
I've got two words for you...



It would be so nice to see that in person, along with all of my fellow Legend heads from all over!

I know, I know...head gasket,,,but we still have 2 months ;)
NOPI? He's coming from Canada, thats like a 2000 mile drive man!
Avarice said:
NOPI? He's coming from Canada, thats like a 2000 mile drive man!
I know, that's where you guys come in :)

Seriously, that could be a roadtrip similar to those guys that do the Super Street Tour for NOPI

Are you still coming?

Maybe next year, we can have a real meet similar to this one:
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