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Got my slotted/dimpled rotors

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Got my slotted/dimppled rotors

Yes Yes yes I got mines, slotted/dimppled with Metal Master pads from Mr. Wood.
Is it simple to put these breaks on guys? It looks fairly simple.
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Yup. It's pretty straight forward. Just be sure to have an impact screwdriver handy to remove the screws in your rotors.
I took mine to JUST Brakes (not sure if they have them on the west coast) but they charged me $100.. I just broke 500 miles on them they work pretty well...:D I'm happy.
Nah I got the tools I can do it myself, infact I'm doing it tonight my break peddle is getting very mushy and closer to the floor and they are sqweeling. kinda scary:(
Bleed your brakes well and the problem should go away.
Ok I Put my rotors and pads and I have two issues:

1) From time to time the pedals still feel mushy, i.e. I'm on the brake at a stop light and then all of a sudden the pedal starts to go toward the floor while at the same time the car moves forward :eek:

2) At freeway speeds 60-70 mph when slowing to about 50-40 the brakes pulsates what gives, everything is tight I made sure when I installed the brakes.

- I did not yet bleed the brakes will this take of the mushy brake pedal problem away? I did check the brake fluid and its at the max.

Help me please, My wife is already jittery as it is from the wreck she had and now she wants to know why these new brakes perform worst than the old ones.
Now I have to hear "See we should have just taken it to the shop and had them do it." *sigh*
Ok I need these questions answered so I see I'm going to have to start a new thread.
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