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gravel trucks...

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well, it seems that the state of georgia has it in for my car just as SC did.... i caught a chicken that had escaped from its cage on the back of a fielddale truck at around 55mph.. this was abt a month ago. i didn't notice anything on the car, (except some chicken parts) so i went on my merry way. this morning, however, i noticed a slight, thin 1/8" scratch on my roof, with that horrible orange colour of rust in it. who knows if there's fowl play involved or not, but the rust is there.
so the question: anyone have an economical way to tackle this small spot o' rust before it starts spreading?
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oops.. my bad- "somebody's got a case of the mondays"

as an additional rant: the ****ed chickens crap everywhere too, the processing plant smells horrible, and i'm constantly cleaning feathers out of my air filter....

neways, i was thinking abt it, and it would just need to be sanded to the metal, then touched up? alas, i don't think i could bring myself to apply sandpaper to my baby... she'd kill me! (esp if i screwed up...) perhaps some professional counseling is in order for us.
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