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Took my 92 Legend in this morning to have the fuel system cleaned. Yeah I know I could have done it myself but I wanted to see what this shop's service was all about. So first off, they do use the BG 44K Fuel additive but it comes with a kit they get from BG products. It comes with 2 other cans of stuff: one to add into the intake vacuum line, and the other to clean out the throttle body and stuff. The service is originally $115, but I told them at Acura Dealership it costs $89.95 for their Fuel System Service (but they don't use the BG 44K stuff). So they told me that they will go ahead and do mine for $90 with tax included. I was going to do it myself but after he offered me that I just said what the hell :)

I must say, they're service was great and very informative! It felt like a dealership environment, but better service at a better price! They even offered to paint my faded windshield wipers at not extra cost! Anyways, I was very pleased and would be happy to go back. Any fellas in DFW area should definitely check them out.

The fuel system cleaning kit is a better buy if you are going to use the BG 44K. BG 44K costs $20 plus shipping or tax, but the cleaning kit costs $30 from this shop. Here is they're info:
Honda/Acura Experts
2841 White Settlement Rd
Fort Worth, TX

Thanks for reading!

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