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Hey guys, I just installed my Greddy SP catback today. What a b***h getting those nuts off the cat section without destroying the studs! Anyway 5 hours later & 1 trip to sears, I got it on and I gotta say that the sound is SWEET, not too loud at all but the tip needs getting use to. It just doesn't look as if it belongs on the Legend Coupe but I think I'll get use to it in time. Besides, going with the Remus, I would 've spent even more cause I would've went and got a new midpipe section cause of the rust anyway.

Now for my question, for those of you who have installed the Greddy, do you have the problem of the tip snug against the bottom of the bumper? I don't mind the look but it also causes a squeak cause of the movement of the exhaust. I also don't know if overtime the heat will start to melt the plastic?
If anyone has this problem, did you cut the bottom of the lip on the bumper for clearance or did you find rubber hangar mounts that were longer to permit the muffler can to hang lower?
Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
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