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89HondaLegend said:
It was a bit mean of me doing this to you guys, I don't even think you guys got these cars there. Plus it was made 47 years ago.
Mike Diaz you are the closest, that is what everybody thinks it is. By the way how did you know that it might be a Morris Minor, did you guys even get that car over there?

Anyway I have said what it is in another thread so I had better let you guys know. It is a 1958 Standard 10. Made by the British Motor Company (BMC) it has a 948 CC inline 4 Cylinder engine, 2 valves per cylinder, with over head valves. It is a '10' because it is 10 horsepower which I believe is equivelant to about 23 Kw (For those of you who are Australian). It has a top speed of somewher between 65 and 70. It os pretty groovy. Just thought you guys might like to see it anyway.
My grandfather was here, and he lived in Brittain for a few years when he was younger. I showed him the picture and he said one of his friends over there had the exact same car. :2cool:
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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